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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Wudlu Canceled after its Brush

What if someone canceled wudlu with his wife, this question we are often encountered. If you refer to in-sects sects that exist, there are at least two legal cases for men not touching women muhrim (including a husband-wife) after wudlu. First, do not cancel wudlu if the touch is not accompanied by orgasm. This was followed by sect Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali (in their opinion that distinguished) and Imami.
Second opinion, is to cancel wudlu touch, accompanied by orgasm or not. Opinions held by this sect and Syafi'i Dzahiriy.
Strong opinions (rajih) is the first opinion, which said that the touch of men and women do not cancel wudlu if not accompanied by a sense orgasm, but if accompanied by orgasm wudlu then canceled. This is the basis of Rasulullah SAW had kissed one of his wife and then make a salad without first wudlu (Sunan Abi Dawud -178 to the Chapter "Wudlu min al-Qublah" and Sunan Nasai p. 1. 104).
Menghalalkan God's opinion that the couple is to brush properly. Even more than that, such as smell and touch the body of any Permitted. But it does not mean it does not cancel wudlu?
We also clean and we can hold the genitalia, but why wudlu be canceled because the genitalia are holding? So, it does not mean anything of that we can not directly touch the wudlu cancel.

Muslim Married to a Non Muslim

The scholars agreed that an unlawful ruling Muslim man married to a non muslim. This law based on the theorem-proof as follows:
Ayat Surah al-Mumtahanah; 10:
ياأيهاالذ ين امنواإذاجاءكم الؤمنات مهاجرات فامتحنوهن الله أعلم بإيمانهن فإن علمتموهن مؤمنات فلا ترجعوهنإلى الكفارلاهن حل لهم ولا هم يحلون لهن وآتوهم ما أنفقواولا جناح عليكم أن تنكحوهن أجورهن ولا تمسكوأبعصم الكوافرواسألواما أنفقتم وليسألواماأنفقواذلكم حكم الله يحكم بينكم والله عليم حكيم
"O believers, when you come emigrated women who believe, then let you test (faith) for them. He knows more about their faith: if you already know that they (truly) believe, they do not return to (their husbands) those who disbelieve. They are not lawful for the disbelievers and those who disbelieve, it is not lawful for them the (Muslim). Give (husband) was their portion of their pay. Nor sin for them if you make them pay maharnya. And do not hold still on the ropes (marriage) with women's infidelity, and let you have a portion that you have to pay, and let them ask for dowry they have to pay. Thus the law of God set He among you. And Allah is Knower, Wise. "
Ayat Surah al-Baqarah; 221:
ولاتنكحواالمشركات حتى يؤمن ولأمة مؤمنة خير من مشركة ولوأعجبتكم ولاتنكحواالمشركين حتى يؤمنواولعبدمؤمن يرمن مشرك ولوأعجبكم أولئك يدعون إلى الناروالله يدعوإلى المغفرة بإذنه
"And do not meikahkan the idolaters (with women Mu'min) before they believe. Mu'min Indeed, the slave is better than the idolaters, even though he pleases you. They invite to the Fire while God invites to heaven and forgiveness by His permission. "
While these verses are talking in the context of the idolaters, but because of the prohibition is quite clear, namely to invite akan They naraka, then this shows the effect on all non-Muslims.
In marriages with non-Muslim, Muslim, is feared will cause the Muslim to leave his religion, or at least cause can not practice his religion, because kebanyak wedding laden with religious values, and the tendency of women to follow her husband.
Whether a Muslim woman may marry a non muslim? In Islamic law, women's non-Muslim, is divided into 4 groups.
§ Women who idolaters (Musyrikah or animist / Paganis)
§ Women who do not acknowledge the existence of god or Ằthểịs (Mulhidah)
§ Women who apostate from Islam (Murtaddah)
§ Women's Ahlu al book (religious Jews or Christians)
From the four groups of women in top, Islam menghalalkan marriage only for the women of the Book. While women's groups in addition to the People of the Book Islam prohibits engaged women.
1. Musrikah. The definition of pagan is musyrikah (animism / Paganism). Islamic law prohibits for a Muslim to marry a muysrikah / animist / paganis. This is be in the al-Quran surat Al-Baqarah verse 221. Pengharaman of wisdom is very clear, the incompatibility between Islam and animism. Aqidah nation which is very criticaster animism animism and groups do not have the book Samawi and Prophet sent by God. This is contrary to the basic teachings of Islam. As written in paragraph 221 that the last letter albaqoroh so that when the marriage occurred between a Muslim and then musyrikah will happen in life settle tangganya are squabbling and quarreling.
2. Mulhidah, mulhidah is a woman who is not religious and does not acknowledge the existence of God, prophethood, and the holy book of akherat. Or called Ằthểịs. Muslim man marrying a woman Ằthểịs forbidden. This is because women Ằthểịs position leb ih bad compared to women who musrik, in which women musyrikah still recognize the existence of God, prophethood, and the holy book of akherat. But they are double in the worship of God. They (musyrikah) engaged women especially forbidden for a woman did not acknowledge the existence of god. So pengharaman engaged women to take precedence.
3. Murtaddah, the apostate is a person who becomes after kufur faith, whether it be movement kekefurannya confidence or religion, or not at all embrace religion. Apostasy in Islam has laws related to akherat (as listed in the letter of al-Quran al-Baqoroh 217), and laws related to the world. As the person who does not get the protection apostate from Islam community, and forbidden the relationship of marriage between a Muslim and murtaddah or vice versa. And when the marriage occurred between them, then pernikahannya invalid. And if the apostasy that arise after the marriage, the husband and wife must be separated and this law has been agreed by the experts fiqh.
4. People of the Book, jumhur scholars ahlussunnah that marriage with a Muslim woman is allowed Ahlu Book / kosher law. That is based on al-Quran verse 5 of al-Maarij. The scholars also see that ahlli the book at this time also included in these verses. It is important to note also, pembolehan Islamic marriage to a woman of the Book based on two things, namely:
1. People of the Scripture that women have a unity of religion with the religion of Islam, and he (the Book of female experts) believe in the Lord and His prophets, and also believe there will be day of reckoning and akherat.
2. That the women of the Book of dikawini by a Muslim, then he will live under the shadow of her husband and that Muslims are subject to the law society of Islam. So that the long run women will be affected with the teachings of Islam. And women are expected to be able to embrace Islam after so long he lived in the Muslim community.